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Voyage through blue heaven: Bora Bora Cruise

Never been to cruise or want to experience a place where you want to fall head over heels in love. And if you are not a cruise person, and yet want to know what is like going on crusie?

Nomade Yachting Bora Bora is the perfect and idealistic cruise for you. The luxury yacht just contains some 30 cabins only and on board there are rarely more than 50 people as guests.

Nomade Yachting Bora BoraExploring Bora Bora Island along with Tahaa, Raiatea, and Huahine, there is something magical and heavenly feeling about it. As you will be floating in the blues of Bora Bora, for a week, nothing will be able to match this voyage not even the biggest resorts or big named cruise liners for the kind of special services they are able to provide and most of all important the beauty this voyage will make you experience of the amazing islands.

Bora Bora island, will not need any introduction, for such is its beauty, nature and ambience. With adding of the cruise experience, you will be enthralling and regaling in this mind blowing combination which is awe inspiring.

From the moment you’ll be swept up from the Bora airport, you will be having a week long of pleasures and leisure’s, fun activities to just simply relaxing on the deck. While on the cruise you will be all busy throughout the week  dinner shows, with private motu picnics, local musicians show, dancing rae rae that is Tahitian drag queens tantalizing in between. You can chance on beach volleyball, swimming, and getting sun tan while relaxing or reading your favorite book. On the board avail for spa treatments, and there is visit from traditional Polynesian Tattoo artist. Also you will visit pearl farms and go for exciting shark-feeding… a total extravaganza. …

Nomade Yachting has two elegantly designed private yachts which are delightfully stylish and chic in every way

  • The TU MOANA
  • The TI’A MOANA

The private yachts are distinguished and more cosmopolitan and contemporary in style; the two ships presents as a svelte profile. Private Yachts have been constructed in Australia from the combined workings and talents of the Austal Ships and the Oceanfast Yachts, creating yachts utterly unique.

Each yacht has own personality with its own tone and settings. One yacht has dark woods, and another has light woods and both encompass fashionable design. The yachts successfully merge Polynesian art with of audacious dream of Swedish design studio, together with Tillberg Designs and along with original inspiration as given by the ship’s owner.

All the famous Stark, Ralph Lauren, Kenzo, Noguchi, and Yanagi have cohabitate in harmony way with their artwork and with elements especially commissioned by the Polynesian artists that is creating ambiance- novel and simply breathtaking.

The design and décor of the ship is awesome in itself, which will add to the vibe, with tiniest of the alcoves, smallest of corners sheltering gracious statue or majestic carved “Tiki,” all showcasing a contrast to wealth of the romantic white and black photography that poise the hallways, adding the nuances and shades such as will feed the emotion, sooth the mind and calm the eye. Just so much like heaven isn’t it!

Nomade Yachting to Bora Bora has created treasures of attractions, events and activities that are unique in worldwide.

These include:
  • Open air motu theatre: Cinematamua
  • Tattoo demonstration in Taha’a along with getting tattoo done
  • Sunset Champagne island exploration: circumnavigation around the Taha’a
  • Performance by traditional Tahitian people of their songs along with hymns at Huahine
  • Moonlight dinner burlesque at Hana iti in Huahine
  • Champagne breakfast on the Nao Nao motu
  • Traditional Folklore dance and music of the island Raiatea
  • Spend Evening, at moonlight lounge bar on the deck at ANAPA
  • Tai Chi sessionsTevairoa motu
  • Yoga sessions for at every morning
  • Visiting the Tevairoa motu
  • Visit the Fare village on foot or even by bicycle
  • Snorkeling around a motu
  • Kayaking around a motu
  • Nature hiking expeditions on the Huahine and the Raiatea
  • Visiting and retail therapy of shopping at the Uturoa village in Raiatea
  • Exclusive Kayak expeditions along reef
  • Visit the vanilla plantation at the Opoa, in Raiatea
  • See the Marae a stone temple of the Taputapuatea on Raiatea
  • Walk in forest and explore river of Fetuna, in RaiateaVaitape village
  • Visit Vaitape village, in Bora Bora
Nomade Yachting optional activities:
  • Jet skis
  • Quad
  • Helicopter flights
  • Lagoon discovery – Submarine activity for seeing myriads of underwater wildlife
  • Island discovery
  • Jeep Safari
  • Scuba diving
  • Deep Sea Fishing

Nomade Yachting will give you altogether a new experience of cruising, with no more crowds. Suits budgets and is for family vacation and even idealistic for couples on honeymoon. Nomade Yachting cruise of Bora Bora will be most memorable experience of all.

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