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Santorini, most impressive island across Greece

The majority spectacular Cycladic islands all across Greece, Santorini achieved its current look at the time when a volcanic blast took place at the centre of the island approximately 3,600 yrs in the past. This explosion had created the Santorini island Greececaldera (the sea-filled depression), at present unseen by the cliff-top, whitewashed settlements of the city of Thira (the capital city, acknowledged as Fira, Phira and Thera) and Oia. Featured on a number of image postcards, Oia as well as Thira provide for the most part for couples who are out on romantic tours, and as a result fashionable wedding as well as honeymoon destinations all across the world.

Cruise ships are parked in the caldera and travelers are taken on shore on warm yachts to Skala, underneath Thira. They after that ride up towards the town by using cable car or simply a mule. Moreover sporty types can decide to mount the 580-step track.

Santorini Sightseeing

The snaking, as well as cobbled streets of Thira are jam-packed with numerous undersized hotels, as well as restaurants and also various cafes, the majority outstanding (and mainly luxurious) affording the excellent views of caldera. There are a few numbers of museums as well.

The numerous Cruise companies proffer a series of expeditions which includes up-market Oia, renowned for its characteristic Cycladic structural design as well as memorable sunsets, also the petite caldera’s charred islands, acknoeledged for their remedial volcanic mud. Connoisseurs may visit the Boutari winery as well, for having a guided tour as well as wine-tasting sitting, Santorini crafts a few of the most excellent white wines of the islands of Greece and largest producer of wine all across the island is Boutari. One of few top tourist attractions across Santorini, Akrotiri archaeological site, is regrettably kept closed for re-establishment, and seems doubtful to open again before 2010 or 2011.

Santorini Tourist Attractions
  • Museum of Prehistoric Thira
  • Folklore Museum (locally known as Thira)
  • Naval Museum (locally known as Oia)
  • Boutari winery (locally known as Pyrgos)

Boutari winery

  • Perissa beach (also known as south coast)

Perissa beach

  • Palea Kameni and Nea Kameni: 2 unpopulated black volcanic atolls within the caldera

Palea Kameni and Nea Kameni

  • Therasia (locally known as Thirassia): The 2nd biggest island, which belongs to the Santorini group
Santorini Shopping

While being on a trip to Thira, don’t forget to shop for gold as well as silver jewellery, painted ceramics, hand-blown glass, leather products, models of antique Greek artworks, as well as modern paintings which depicts the island. Buy the local white wine as well as Vin Santo (also known as dessert wine) directly from the famous wineries, you can even taste then first previous to make your selection and buy it. A cheerful as well as cheap token is a pumice stone used mostly for the bathroom.

Eating Out

Greek food is basically based on seasonal, fresh, Mediterranean items, with the plentiful usage of olive oil. The fashionable main courses of food take account of fresh seafood which is prepared with simple taste, in addition meat which is charcoal-grilled as well as hearty stews.

When to visit

The season of Mediterranean cruise runs from the months of April up to October. Greece’s peak season is the months of July as well as August; it is the time when the entire of the major destinations are extremely hot as well as extremely crowded. Plan to visit the city in month of May/June or even in September/October as to keep away from the masses and take pleasure in milder climate.


Greek is the basic language of the city, at the same time English is used widely.


The majority parts of the total populations of the city are the Greek Orthodox, where are you will also find Muslim, as well as Roman Catholic and also Jewish minorities.

Social Conventions

The Greeks are honestly very proud of their impressive enlightening inheritance. A very strong influence of the Greek Orthodox Church has always been there on the society, more than ever in the various rural regions. Tourists are suggested to wear modest dress while they are going to visit the various churches of the city. Remember to cover your legs as well as shoulders. Don’t throw back your head as it is considered as a negative gesture. Dressing in the city is by and large casual. Smoking is strictly prohibited while being on public transportations as well as in the numerous public buildings.


Generally 12 to 15% of the total bill is being shell out as Tip if the services had been really good.

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