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Cruising Pleasures in Norway


Enjoy cruises in Norway and come back with a pleasure that is so magical. Take a great Norwegian Fjord Cruise that is ensconced in the most spectacular fjordland. Here is where you would get to see the most fascinating surroundings of the most beautiful snow capped mountains. With the most ancient glaciers and the most interesting fishing villages this is one place that is so beautiful that one just can’t have enough of it. It seems as if the sun never wants to set here. So on a fjord cruise you would get the endless light during the summer months and also a chance to see the beauty of the land of the midnight sun.

There are cruise that go up to the North Cape and also Honnigsvaag from where you could see the lovely Svalbard Island lying between the North Pole and you.

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Enjoy the Norwegian fjord Cruise and bask in the pleasures f a great city which gives you a chance to explore a wide plethora of cities, great sites and also the most fascinating towns. So enjoy the pleasures of Bergen, Flamm and also Stavanger. As you embark on your travels here you can see how the harsh conditions of the place have given this kind of lifestyle here.

There are 14 night summer cruise which cruise to the Norwegian Fords where you would get a lovely picturesque welcome to Norway. Here you are greeted by sights such as the Stavanger buildings and then you would go to Bodo and also get to see the most fascinating Bervasstindene Mountains which provide ideal tour delights.

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Then visit Alta which is the town of the Northern Lights. Here is where you would get to see a very natural process. Then you could go to HOnningsvag which is the northernmost tip of Europe. This is indeed a fascinating cruise that crosses the North Cape where you can see the Midnight sun on your way to Hammefest. You could also take the cable car at Stosteinen and have a great view of the sights here. The Lofoten Islands is another lovely place with the best features of a perfect tour destination. Here the scenic delight is so mesmerizing that the added sight of the sea eagles is another lovely experience. Then you would cruise to the lovely fort of Bergen which has the Mount Ulriken as the background.

Then there is the cruise of seven nights which is in the land of the Norwegian Fjordland. Ensconced in a beautiful surrounding of the mountains, this is a lovely city of the 13th century. The Bergen city was constructed on the place which was earlier a settlement of the Vikings. Today this is a region which has been recognized as a World Heritage Site and has all kinds of attractions of history. This is the place where you would get great cruising pleasures. So visit Bryggen which is a place which has around the best collection of wooden buildings seen on the harbour front. This was sometime in the 11th century. Then you have Andalsnes which is a stop that is found at the beautiful area of Romsadalfjord which lies below the Romsdal Alps which is a great sight and is a perfect cruise destination.

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Then there is the serene Olden which is located at the southern tip of the beautiful area of Nordfjord and is at the place where we enter the lovely Oldedalden Valley. There is a collection of around 200 houses here which is another picturesque experience. This is actually consdidered to be the “Cradle of the Vikings”. There are many craft stores and markets here as well as a 12th century cathedral and art galleries.

Cruises are there during holidays too, so tourists feel comfortable in such experiences.

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