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Cancun: Mexican Caribbean, Have Fun With Caution

Cancun is a coastal city on strip of land, popularly known as The Mexican Caribbean, a famous vacation spot on the Caribbean Coast. Cancun comprises of fourteen miles of pristine white beaches shaped like a number ‘7’, considered as gateway to the Mayan World i.e. El Mundo Maya, with Mayan Temple Sites and rituals are in the city smothered by lush green jungle amidst its natural beauty.

Cancun is like a phoenix which has reborn every time from its ashes, with nothing but just some land to this beautiful vacation place. Cancun has come a long way, triumphant each time, better then best from its previous. As the most popular beach getaway, once its was a wild and hedonistic party ground, tequila revelry and with rave party scenes and now it is sophistication, trendy and classy in style and world class facilities for tourists, which cater to all vacationing crowd from family, couple and young. Also conferences and conventions are held in Cancun.

Cancun city mexico

Hurricane Wilma in 2005, devastated the place with so much loss, yet Cancun is rebuilt and reborn to make its position of being the most popular beach getaway.

The weather is so super, it can be predicted easily for it is unpredictable only, it can change any time, but whatever it is, its just sets the mood right for happy vacation. Peak season is December to April, though threatened with hurricanes, yet the city has large number of tourist flanking the city.

With superb vacation amenities, turquoise seas and bountiful underwater world, cruise to this extravaganza will all be fun.

On the powder- fine beaches, with deep blue water which is generally calm, are fun place to be with children and even for young. On beach, enjoy volleyball, swimming and face painting, swimming is safe as there are lifeguards to ensure the safety. Hotels and resorts organize kids club for entertaining children as the adults are having their own fun. The beaches here have also, natives selling their handmade crafts and many beachwear and such products. You should see the sarongs, handmade silver and beaded jewellery, it’s very beautiful, and you will look like native princess when you put it on.

Cancun Adventure & Ecotourism tours can be fun for all the family and young. You can choose to drive through the jungle in an open top jeep, it’s definitely exciting and as you enjoys the nature in its best way or do mountain biking through the undergrowth, and any time you can go swimming in the cool, fresh waters of the cenotes. You experience the most beautiful parts of Cancun while driving; you may take a guide along.

Cancun has for adventure lovers, wildlife enthusiastic and one who regales in nature to enjoy in Cancun Ecological Theme parks. The most popular ecological theme park is Xcaret. Xcaret is such a huge eco-park which is worth visiting, and to make the visit worth, it is better to getting there early in the morning for then you will be able to take full advantage of its beauty. As you shall see wildlife in its natural habitat surrounded by the lushest green forest full with different kind of flora and fauna.  It also has safe snorkeling for you in the calm inlets which is very safe, and there is a superb opportunity to swim in a natural underground river that will cool you off! Grab the chance to see the Xcaret Coral Reef Aquarium, for it has beauties that you will make you feel awe here. And as you are there don’t even think about missing the spectacular Mexican Folkloric Show which takes place in the evening.

Xcaret Theme Park

All the water sports enthusiasts: Cancun calls you for it has offerings of some of the best scuba diving, snorkeling and fishing in the world, as here it presents the Great Mesoamerican Reef just off the coast of Cancun. This is the second largest reef in the world – second only to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.


it means ‘the place water is born’, this is one of the world’s largest natural aquariums which are actually made up of a series of lagoon and inlet systems. See those scary sharks and try to stare in their eyes, come face to face with them, but you shall not be screaming but enjoying.

Cancun xel-ha

El Garrafon:

Isla Mujeres which is only a short hop from Cancun and has the most famous beautiful beaches El Garrafon, amazing place to go snorkeling. It will definitely amaze you, for it has natural beauty and with its plethora of coral and myriad of fish found in the turquoise crystalline ocean.

Isla Contoy:

it is about 30km north of Isla Mujeres and which is crowning with natural beauty, apart from its natural beauty; this is the most important nesting place for all the sea birds in the Mexican Caribbean as here comes more than 150 species of birds.

Isla Holbox:

calls you if you have guts and courage and devilry for here is chance to swim with whale shark, just phenomenal! It is a shallow lagoon which gives sanctuary to thousands of flamingos, pelicans and other exotic birds and creatures. Such a beautiful sight it is to watch in morning, as these birds fly in such a exotic background. Mama Mia!

People come here from far, especially for swimming with dolphins, as highlight of many people’s vacation. Especially families coming here for vacation, enjoy this wonderful experience together, as here children as young as three also can enjoy this fun experience. Wet ‘n’ Wild and Delphinus Dreams are some great place to swim with Dolphins.

All wildlife lovers Cancun is incredible with its flora and fauna, you will love the place for you can observe here wildlife in such natural habitat and you shall not even disturb them. Just grab opportunity to see monkeys, flamingos, crocodiles (they have this here so remember caution and precaution!), whale sharks (oh my god!) and marine turtle (that’s so cute- may be). Many of these areas are under protection to save them from further destruction and harm.

Isla Holbox

Mayan culture

Cancun’s Mayan Culture is its crowning glory, a feather in its cap today. An experience of aura of mystery and majesty lingers around the Mayan ruins and archaeological sites such as Chichen Itza, Tulum and Coba which are all within easy reach of Cancun. Amongst all this, the most dramatic and easily recognizable are the fantastic stepped pyramids in places such as Chichen Itza and Coba to name but a few. It was also one of the Seven Wonders of the World, some year ago and has been inscribed in list of UNESCO World Heritage Site for 20 years. Mayan art is considered by many to be the most sophisticated and beautiful of the ancient New World. It will be an immense pleasure to see the astonishing work of past and its architecture. Definitely a place you must take your kids for them to understand the heritage of the ancient times as what a grandeur it was.

So much to do in Cancun:
  • Championship Golf Courses
  • Soccer- Catch football games here, with such a large stadium.
  • Go trekking and hiking in early morning.
  • Kayaking is also available.
  • Deep-Sea fishing in the warm waters of Caribbean
  • Rent catamarans for sailing or sailboat charter and you can continue further with some sailing tours.


Cancun Spas- One of the premier destinations

Cancun has established itself as the premier spa destinations in the world which gives a choice of more than thirty Cancun spa resorts that has magic of transferring your mind, body and spirit to a nirvana of pure bliss. Majority of the hotels and resorts in Cancun offer a number of Spa treatments which has a combination of native herbs and plants with ancient Mayan healing rituals along with the latest stress-reducing treatments with advanced technologies. Try a traditional Temazcal steam bath using traditional healing methods which gives your body such a deep relaxation and its aura is that it helps a stressed person to go for reflection and introspection, go for Mayan massage which is ultimate relaxing technique, a full-body massage on the beach overlooking the turquoise blue waters. Indulge in a thalassotherapy treatment, it was in the times of Greeks and Roman’s who used to practice this. It has a theory that it is ocean which is the cradle of life from which all life forms have come. Hence it uses warm seawater, marine mud and marine organisms that reload your body with minerals through the process of osmosis. You will just love what natural body wraps do to you and your body and mind, nourishing, exfoliating and detoxifying the body to give you relief from stress and make your skin glowing. They have all exotic body wraps- Chocolate, Green Mud, Mayan Avacado, yoghurt and tequila. Its an extraordinary to enjoy the spa in Cancun, take a well deserved break from your old monotonous work and no pleasure life and to come here, as these spas fill in you with tranquility and get you free from stress.

There are thousands and one things to do in Cancun. With world class luxury hotels you will enjoy your vacation fully.

Cancun Fully loaded!

Cancun has a wonderful Restaurants, Scrumptious Food and varied Drinks and Freaky nightlife.

You will love the food here, seafood as well all the cuisine’s of world are served here, its amazing place for food ‘o’ holic. With the obvious of Mexican food will be far the best here, there is plenty of good Thai, Argentinean, Italian and Japanese restaurants. But if you really want to have the real taste of Mexican food then go to family run cafes and taco’s, cheap yet superb. On main street it may get costly but worth every penny of it. Also you will find the famous franchisee restaurants and fast food junk. Cancun as whole is superb food plaza, from downtown traditional restaurants to ultra chic styles bistros. And hospitality of people here is remarkable, they all serve with smile.

The moon, the stars and the nightlife:

You wanna Dance? You wana hear Jazz? Or Do you wana enjoy relaxing evening with yourself, loved one or friends. Cancun will cater to all. It has everything you can imagine for, the Cancun is filled up with music in its awesome night, and it keeps rocking till the twilight, on to the streets.

Just be ready to party! The nightclubs are renowned and some of them being best in world. There are best of Dj’s playing escalating music and some of them have some shows going like laser and light show, acrobats, special live acts and more. You just wish here the nigh never ends, you will just love it. Its total freaking out time with laughter, music, dance and friends along. You can even enjoy the live bands from rock, jazz and salsa. Some of the best places are The City, Coco Bongo, Daddy’O, Bulldog Café, Senor Frogs, Carlos n’ Charlies, Nectar and Roots.

Hey all the fun needs to be don’t with caution (some precaution!)
  • Get insurance, and then get some more insurance. Driving in Mexico is pretty crazy.
  • It is highly recommended that you buy bottled water; the water outside is not safe to drink.
  • There are lots of cons going on as it is such a famous destination, they try to fool people with schemes and free offers etc. Remember nothing is free!
  • Don’t use ATM’s out of bank: Use of bank or Hotel, with other places of ATM center they may charge you some fees or try to rob you.
  • Keep yourself a company, no traveling alone that can at times be dangerous. Tourists are easy target for robbery.
  • Ocean Currents could be strong. Keep your guard. Swim in colored flag areas only, and in beach of your hotel where there are lifeguards.
  • Rain Storms are frequent but they come and go, yet it’s better to be safe then worry. Use caution in water and most during the lightening.

This safety measures are not only to be used in Cancun, but in most places for your safety. Still Cancun is hell of a place with so much here to enjoy, your holiday trip will be only fun here, a place you will come again and again.

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