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Another heaven at Bilbao

Bilbao, sixth largest city of Spain has many major breathtaking attractions for tourists around the world. It has a biggest port and main industrial centre lies in the northern direction of Spain. Travelling by cruise never fails to attract the sights of visitors. Tourism boosts the economy of this country and made this city special among others in the world which is recognized as a wonderful travel destination. Spain is a very famous destination in the world historically and culturally but inside it, the Basque region and its culture offers lot of attraction right from architectural structures to restaurants and nature.

Some modern architectural masterpieces like Guggenheim Museum and Euskalduna Palace are the major attractions that draw tourist attentions from all over the world. When you will arrive at the port of Bilbao, you will definitely be hungry. So to satisfy you and your stomach try Basque’s best and popular cuisine in Spain. This could be found at the regions leading restaurants. Try the seafood, salted codfish and regional tapas which are the popular dishes of the whole country. No doubt, Bilbao is the heart of Spain that offers delicious food.

Bilbao guggenheim museum

As Bilbao is a warmest country you have to enjoy your vacation with hot weather. The average temperature remains 25 degree Celsius especially during June and September. The other months like April, May and October remains warm but you will be comfortable with it. Well, rainfall can pour its pleasant water any time in the year but the months like October through April you can experience the wettest year. Those who love rainy season can go during this season.

Some of the ferry services that are available for the travellers are P&O ferry service that connects Santurtzi, close to Bilbao, to Portsmouth in UK. The Pride of Bilbao ferry departs from port of Bilbao which is at a distance of 15 kilometre to the northwest direction of the city centre. Other services are also available that offers breathtaking sights Saint Anton Churchand locations. This magnetic place has many attractions date back to ancient structures to the modern sites and looks like a group of stars in the Galaxy that glows continuously and makes the location stunning.

Focusing on the establishment of the city it was founded as a village by Don Diego Lopez de Haro V, who was the Lord of Biscay on 15 June 1300. The Saint Anton church and bridge is the symbol of Bilbao which possess a deep history of the establishment of the city. It is a brilliant sparkling site worth visiting. Some of the museums and cultural centres of the city includes The Guggenheim Museum, which is a huge and superb architectural masterpiece, Fine Arts Museum, Basque Museum, Maritime Museum and Euskalduna Conference Centre and Concert Hall.

zubizuri bridgeBesides this, major Churches like Santiago Cathedral, Saint Anton Church, Basilica of Begoña, Saint Nicholas of Bari Church, Santos Juanes Church and Saint Vincent Church come under the list of amazing attractions. A visit at civil buildings like Arriaga Theater, Bizkaia Delegation Palace, City Hall, Chavarri Palace, Plaza Nueva, Ribera Market, San Mamés Stadium and University of Deusto will make you vacation superb. Other worth visiting sites like Doña Casilda de Iturrizar Park, Artxanda Funicular and Zubizuri bridge are the pride of this city.

The population of this city is over 353,168 and the urban area of Greater Bilbao is more than 953,152. The city holds credit as the most financial and industrial, active part of Greater Bilbao. The major seaport and industrial centre could be found on the Estuary of Bilbao which is the suburbs of the city by stretching towards the Bay of Biscay. The urban area is surrounded by the two small but attractive mountain ranges which are named as Pagasarri lies at the southern side and Artxanda that lies towards the northern direction. These scenic beauties gave a nickname to the city as el botxo, the hole.

To get the most colourful sights of Bilbao, head towards the medieval meighbourhood where you can experience a maze of narrow streets filled with taverns, shops and monuments. So do not forget to try shopping here. Move towards the Gran Via where you will get street shops and department stores. Individual shops are located in the Old Town. For shopping you should visit once to the newly constructed shopping centre where exclusive design and avant-garde architectural blend could be found.Crafts items of Basque, pottery, crystal, leather products, traditional furniture, Basque berets all could be bought from here. To buy antiques head to the Basandare lies close to the Guggenheim Museum. It is a better option for those who want to purchase antiques as museum shops are available there. In fact, visit the riverside market during morning to buy freshest fish, cheese, fruit and vegetables.

The language spoken here are Euskera, it is a Basque language and the other is Spanish. The currency here is considered as Euro which is equal to 100 cents. The government of Bilbao has parliamentary monarchy right from the year 1978. Here you won’t get any official religion but a mass of population here is Roman Catholic. The infrastructure and transportation has reached to a high level which is simply amazing, especially the underground networks. Tram services, railways, taxis and buses all offers brilliant travelling opportunity. Other transportation like airways and sea are the major routes that serve the city entirely.

Bilbao monumentsEvery sites like theatres, concert halls, monuments, museums and others all are made so beautifully that cannot be compared with the others in the entire world. Amazing architectures, pleasant climate, decorative surroundings, colourful town all together makes this place like heaven. When you will reach here and start exploring the city definitely you will remain stunned. Not a single word has born in this world that can define this place as a whole. Magnificent, amazing, superb, exhilarating all are small in front of this mind blowing destination.

Look deeply at every structure in the city and you can see it is telling a story of its origin. Every building is the attractions of the city. Once a tourist visit here he never waits for the time to come so that he could visit this amazing tourist destination again. People visit to many tourist destinations but when they come to the city of Bilbao they note this place at the top of their list of favourite destinations. A person must visit this city at least for once in their entire life. People those who love to explore the modern and historical sites, here is the best place for all of you. Just reach here by cruise and make your dreams a true reality.

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