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Bodrum : A traditional and modern combination

Bodrum is a wonderful seaside town with picturesque white homes and many other attractions that has worth to visit. Tourists simply love to be a part of the warm weather and sometimes the summer season leads to sunburn that draws more attention of the visitors from all over the world. Sailing to the Aegean Coast is a beautiful experience that is unforgettable. Bodrum is a huge and popular resort but also it is the most attractive town on the same Aegean Coast. Reaching here by Cruise ship offers magnificent scenic beauties filling the over all surroundings with joy. Which sailing to the port of Bodrum you can see the Crusader Castle of St Peter, along the shore you can experience a crowd of masts most of which belongs to the traditional wooden Turkish sailing boats making the harbour busy.

Bodrum is a Turkish port town lies on the southern coast of Bodrum peninsula in Mugla Province. During the ancient times, this city was called as the Halicarnassus of Caria. Among the seven wonders of the Ancient World is situated in this city which is known as Mausoleum of Mausolus. Bodrum Castle was been constructed during 15th century by the crusaders by ignoring the harbour and also the International Marina. The castle grounds comprise of a museum of Underwater Archeology and hosts few of the cultural festivals year round.


It has a Mediterranean climate where winter season is average to 14 degree Celsius and summers with 32 degree Celsius. Winters could be found mild but remains sunny and summer season could be experienced hot and humid. May and October will throw continuous sunshine without rainfall and very low humidity. July and August are the months when temperatures rise more than 35 degree Celsius. So it is advisable that not to visit the city during these hot months.

The centre of the city is highly developed for the European tourists who throng here to explore the city which was established during 1970s. At the centre of the town you will get the Cruise Ship Terminal that greets you to enter the city of attractions. Once you reach here, try the cuisine of the city. Turkish food is always excellent but you should try meze and those who love non-veg kebab, grilled fish and shellfish can make their day delightful.

It is a dreamland for those who really like to visit such exotic destination after a year loaded with work. Bodrum is a mixture of history, sea and scenic beauties. It has everything to offer everybody. It is an amazing world where the sun rises in a different way and sets in another way. Its rainfall is also different that brings peace to the mind and hearts of every people. It is the most significant centers of trade, art and entertainment from centuries ago. One thing that is surprising is its traditional and modern life which goes together and opens its arms for all the tourists in the world who really searching to live a wonderful life.

Underwater Archeology MuseumFor accommodation the town of Herodotus is a perfect and famous resort that suits every pocket. You can stay here and enjoy the scenic beauties of the sea and surrounding areas. The other place to stay is in the hills lies towards the east and also in the west of the town. Despite this, many other hotels are also available in Bodrum that will meet your needs entirely. Some of the attractions that carry worth are Bodrum Kalesi, a palace, Mausoleion, ruins or often could be said as an archaeological site, Underwater Archeology Museum and other Ancient Remains.

Bodrum BeachBodrum is a birth place of Herodotus which is a home to lots of ancient civilizations. It has an ancient name called Halikarnassus. So overall you have archaeology, sightseeing, beaches and other structures with many activities like sailing, scuba diving, and also hiking. Try some shopping experiences at Bodrum’s market like thoroughfare where you will get Turkish carpets, handmade crafts, designer clothes and much more stuffs to buy. With a variety of languages like Turkish, French, German and English Bodrum enjoys republican government. The religion here is Muslims, especially Sunni and a minute amount of Christian minority. So, sailing by the cruise will be a lifetime achievement for you.

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