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Enjoy resting on the sands of the spectacular Valleta Island

Grand Harbor is beyond doubt the biggest and perchance as well the majority spectacular harbor across the Mediterranean edge, and formulates for a magnificent way in to the island of Malta (also for Valletta), in particular by cruise boat.

Valletta was constructed by St John’s knights in the later period of the sixteenth century to turn out to be one of the few most impenetrable equipped cities across the world. Moreover its lustrous honey-colored structural designs as well as fortifications have altered in a small amount ever since then.

The British has established their rule over the island from the year 1800 up to 1964 and made it the most important British Naval Base within the Mediterranean region for a large amount of that moment, the island holds an extremely British experience absolute with red colored telephone boxes as well as blue colored police lights. You can reach any place in Malta by sailing for maximum span of one hour.

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Valletta Island Malta Sightseeing

The compressed modest capital city of Valletta is a splendid vista in itself as well as a stroll in the region of walls of the city is suggested. Valletta is an abode to most of the tourism attractions all across the island, a numbers of them is connected to the enthralling martial history as well as St John’s Knights who belongs to the island. Malta is as well renowned for its very own Neolithic temples, the remnants of which are extended all the way through the island.

Valletta Island Malta Attractions

Grand Harbor cruise

Get a cruise to glimpse Valletta across the water, the massive dockyards, and petite creeks as well as to hear the times gone by of the island.

Grand Master’s Palace

This brilliant power seat which belongs to St John’s Knights was utilized by 21 Grand Masters, from the year 1575 up to 1798.

Grand Masters Palace

St John’s Co-Cathedral

St John’s knights built this church in the year 1573; it is a quite musical as well as decorative.

St John's Co-Cathedral


Located merely in the exterior of Valletta, this mesmerizing and extremely distinctive 5,000 yr old secretive temple is the foremost harbor of call for the numerous visitors who are walking around and exploring the Neolithic past of Malta Island.


The very old capital city of Island and one of few best conserved walled medieval townships of Europe.

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Valletta Island Malta Shopping

There is nothing much that you can get home back from the Malta island. The island by no way is even average for shopping; even though don’t forget to visit the very few ancient interesting shops in Valletta. Watch out for old-styled shoe stores which sell top quality Italian footwear at exceptionally practical cost as well as little family jewellery stores which craft as well as sell not just silver but also gold filigree portions on the grounds (craftsmen at the shops can be noticed functioning at the rear of the sales counter).

Eating out

Mixtures of Italian as well as Mediterranean restaurants with equivalent dishes prevail. Maltese restaurants are fewer in verification. The omnipresent island whiz bite is the pastizzi (a flavorful pastry pouch overflowing with ricotta cheese and also with spinach); the nationwide favorite cuisine is fenek (rabbit).

When to visit

The months from June to early September are the hottest months of the year. During this period the atmospheric temperature as well increases up to 35 degrees, even though the heat is many times cooled down by breezy sea puff of airs. The most excellent time of the year to visit the island is in the months of April, as well as May and later in the concluding days of September. Rain falls occurs for shorter periods mostly during the months of October up to February. In addition the months from January up to March can be quite cool with regular temperatures merely around 15 degrees


Maltese as well as English are the authorized languages of the island. Moreover Italian is widely spoken as well.


91% of the total populations of the island are Roman Catholics.

Social Conventions

The standard European courtesies are estimated, even though the tourist should not forget the remarkable significance of the cathedral; if you are planning to visit a church, remember to dress modestly. Wear the dresses which covers your shoulders as well as. Smoking is forbidden in each and every public place even though the regulation may be disobeyed.


A number of restaurants take account of service in their bill. Tipping is optional and if made should be around 10% in bistros as well as for taxi drivers and also for the guides.

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