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Celebrity Xpedition

Celebrity Xpedition is part of the Celebrity fleet. It is a cruise vessel that is part of the Xpedition Class and is the only member in the class. The brand of cruising offered by Xpedition is very much varied from the one offered by ships that are larger in size. The ship is smaller in size and has a more intimate and personal feeling.

You will certainly not need a map to get around inside the Xpedition. The ship is a definite improvement over impersonally large cruise vessels. The ship is small enough to be intimate and personalized but sizeable enough to offer a good number of facilities amenities and varied options for entertainment.

The personalized attention that is on offer at the Celebrity Xpedition makes for a great experience. The smaller size is what affords this. The limited capacity of only about ninety six passengers makes it even more fun. There is more of a chance to make friends and have a good time. The segment of cruisers that is aimed at by the Xpedition is a demographic of younger well educated and fun loving demographic.

The small size promises even more advantages. The shallow draft gives it a definite advantage over ships that are larger in the way that it allows it access to varied destinations that can not be accessed by bigger ships.

As a result the itineraries are varied and exciting. There are a huge number of excellent destinations on offer. The Galapagos Islands are the current destination. The ports of Charles Darwin are revisited as part of the itinerary. The ship’s small draft makes it easy to access ports inaccessible for larger ships.

Ship Facts and Specifications . . .

•  Inaugural Year – 2001 (Maiden Voyage)  •  Capacity Passenger ( dbl ) – 98  •  Tonnage – 2 842 ts  •  Nationality of Crew – International  •  Draft – 25 ft  •  Beam – 49 ft  •  Nationality of Dining Staff – International  •  Speed on Average – 15 kts

List of main facilities amenities and services on offer . . .

•  Darwin’s Restaurant  •  Beauty Center  •  Hot Tub  •  100% Egyptian Cotton Towels  •  Discovery Lounge  •  Beagle Grill  •  Boutiques  •  Sauna  •  Sunrise Deck  •  Blue Finch Bar  •  Direct Dial Telephone  •  Electric current 110 AC and 220 AC / DC  •  The Discovery Lounge  •  Salon  •  Television Spa


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