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In the early days of cruising, the classic cruise was the only genre that existed in the industry, with no idea of the “holiday at sea” innovation that is common now. Many experts in the cruise industry will agree that the club cruising concept was started first by AIDA cruises, when the first club cruiser was introduced.

The experience was both casual as well as active, with no conventional models or traditions followed. People were hooked, as were the competitors keeping an eagle eye. This was seen as the new big innovation in the cruise industry.

Today, AIDA cruises is the biggest cruise ship provider in Germany. It all started with the AIDAcare launch in 1996. With the combined services of a shipping company and a tour operator as an advantage, AIDA cruises have operated and marketed cruise vacations to such destinations as Middle America, The Caribbean, Baltic Sea, North Sea, Canary Islands and the Mediterranean. The cruise company is the leading line in Germany, both with respect to sales as well as the number of passengers.

The company has set sufficient records for unusual and new innovations in the cruise industry. The fleet consists of eight cruise ships,AIDAsol, which was christened just this week,  AIDAluna, AIDAbella, AIDAdiva, AIDAaura, AIDAvita and AIDAcara. There are two ships that are under construction.

AIDA cruises is owned by Carnival Corporation. AIDA was acquired by P&O cruises, which in turn was acquired by Carnival.

AIDAsol, Sphinx Class ship from AIDA Christened
Celebrity Constellation

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