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Silversea Cruises Review

A leader in innovation in the cruise industry, Silversea Cruises have been continually coming out with brand new industry firsts on a regular basis, ever since the cruise line was set up in the early nineteen nineties.

There are a whole range of things in which the Silversea Cruise line has shown itself as a definite innovator. The market catered to by the cruise company is an exclusive clientele of luxury cruise lovers.

Silversea Cruises have a fleet consisting of six modern vessels, all of them having only suites. The ships although small in size, are big enough to provide ample amenities and facilities. There are a good number of tailor designed cruise facilities.

The meticulous attention that is paid to small details here, as well as the personalized attention and service you get when you sail with Silversea are what made the cruise line one of the top most in the industry. There is no dearth of quality here.

The ships part of the SilverSEas fleet are small sized, and are a world apart from the run of the mill cruise ships that have capacities running in several thousands. There is no impersonality here, and you certainly will not require a map to get around in a ship from SilverSea Cruises. There are a good number of excellent facilities, and along with the feeling of intimacy that the small size brings you certainly are in for a great cruise experience.

With small size comes another excellent advantage. A smaller ship can access regions that are not able to be accessed by bigger sized ships, and this of course means there are more unique destinations and port of calls that can be offered by Silversea Cruises. There are a good number of excellent facilities on offer here.

SilverSea Cruises have also been at the receiving end of a whole lot of accolades from the industry, as well as prestigious travel websites and publications. For example, the cruise line has been winning the World’s Best Small Ship Cruise Line category from the Conde Naste Traveler, the world renowned travel magazine, for almost nine years. Also, while having ships that are small in size, the company has also been recognized as having the highest space to passenger ratio ever in the suites.

The cruise experience with Silversea Cruises is a totally varied, but totally rewarding experience. There are a good number of events and specials that go on, as well as some heavenly French Cuisine, for which the cruise line is especially famous for.

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