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Paul Gauguin Cruise Ship

Paul Gauguin is a cruise ship part of the fleet of the cruise line Regent Silver Cruises. The cruise ship sails manly in the South Pacific, in the islands there. It is a medium sized ship, and was constructed with the purpose for sailing on French Polynesian Itineraries on islands such as Tahiti and Bora Bora. The cruise ship is certainly ranked top most among ships sailing in this region. There are extensivce provisions made for luxury in the ship.

Paul Gauguin Cruise ship enjoys a position of repute in the cruise ship industry for its remarkable range of features, all of which stand out, and make for a unique and rewarding experience for cruisers. There are a huge number of excellent amenities, services and other extras, and all these add up in giving the customer the impression that they are sailing on a really royal cruise.

Paul Gauguin cruise ship is a far cry from the three thousand passenger capacity cruise ships taht re appearing nowadays. There is no feeling of impersonality that seems to take hold of us the moment we step into huge ships. Everything is close at hand, and you certainly will not feel lost anywhere. There is also a feeling of intimacy that the small size brings, you certainly have a chance of making more friends that you usually do on a cruise.

The medium size is a blessing in several other ways. It is a definite advantage in the way that while bigger ships can not travel in the nooks and corners of the South pacific, the mid sized nimbleness of Paul Gauguin cruise ship puts it at the pole position. You can now have more access to rewarding destinations that can not be accessed by bigger cruise ship. The size is big enough to include a good range of excellent facilities in any case, so the mid sized elegance of the ship is certainly an advantage.

Paul Gauguin has the painter of the same name to thank for its name. The artist Paul Gauguin was a loyal friend of Vincent Van Gogh, and was a great artist in his own right. The ship houses a good number of art works related to the artists. There are also visits to locations where Paul Gauguin stayed as well, as part of the itinerary.

Ship Specs –
  • Year when the ship set sail – Nineteen ninety eight
  • Port of Registry – Wallis & Futuna
  • G R T ( Gross Tonnage )  - 19, 200 G T
  • Max Cruise Speed - 22 kts
  • Capacity  for guests - Three hundred and twenty passengers
  • No of decks that can be accessed by passengers - seven
  • Crew and staff members - Two hundred and eleven
  • Nationality of the ship officers - International
  • Nationality Cruise Staff and Crew - International
  • Sails on mainly - French Polynesia

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