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Sail In The Ocean With Agadir Cruise

Agadir was a small village which made a mark in history in the year 1505 with the building of trading post by the Portuguese, which was defended by Santa Cruz fortress Cap de Gua. The sudden change came into Agadir with many ships arriving on daily basis. The trade of sugar cane, dates, spices, oils, wax skins, and gold. In the year 1960 the village of Agadir got hit by an earthquake and destroyed and it was rebuilt as holiday capital. Today it is an engaging town, and a popular beach vacation, destination for Moroccans and Europeans. The white sculptural buildings with and multi colored flowers in gardens are amazing with beautiful look all around the village make this place best visit for every tourist. The ocean view hotels and resorts with striking beaches and many activities and perky nightlife. Agadir is the perfect place for relaxing vacations. There is fishing port in Morocco where you can enjoy and fishing and drinks in the sea air, sitting at the tables of the restaurants & cafes and the elegant draggers docking getting here and there on the Atlantic bulge. This is one of the best destinations to explore Morocco.

Agadir Cruise Port

Shopping and Cuisine

Shopping of handicrafts, pottery, copper ware, embroidered carpets and clothing, silver jewelry can be done at this place with great offers and major credit cards are also accepted at some of the places. The Souk (market) is an open air market where bargaining is a common practice but in some of the upscale stores prices are fixed. The local currency here is dirham but most of the cards are also accepted at some places but beware of the constant vendors and guides as they will try to push you in shopping and tours. At the Agadir cruise there is wide range of cafes, restaurants, shopping, sporting activities etc. Roast mutton, touajen tagine and harira are the traditional dishes here which are served here, even the French and international cuisines are also served in many restaurants. Choose the best restaurants and get the taste of freshly cooked meat with lots of different beverages. The cruise offers you the best services for you and your family there is something for every one this grand Agadir cruise.

Places of Interest

The Old KasbahIt is a beach vacation with long and sandy beaches. Swim in the ocean, and soak yourself in the sun. The water sports can also be enjoyed here all round the year. The nearby costal areas are the best surfing spots. The village of Berber with many crafts shops and the ruins of the old fortress with destroyed historic center are the nearby places. Activities like camel riding, sport fishing, golfing, tennis etc can also be enjoyed at this place. There are many nightclubs where you can reach at the end of the day to relax and enjoy the nightlife in Morocco. Other places include the Inezgane, The Old Kasbah, Berber Arts Museum, Marrakech day tour, Taroudant tour etc.

How to reach and where to stay

British Airways and Virgin Express fly daily to AI Massira Airport and this is the convenient way to reach Agadir. There are many connecting flights to most of the European cities. You can also get there from taxi and buses from all the cities of Morocco. The cruises here are available on the port of Agadir and the Mediterranean cruises are also available for the tourists. The accommodation is available for all kinds of budgets. There are many five star and two star hotels, beach resorts, private beaches, etc with all the necessary services and all are located nearby the city center. There are many family hotels with restaurants serving European and Moroccan cuisine available.

Agadir hotels

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