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Scuba Diving Destination: Sharm El – Sheikh Beach Resort

Have you ever imagined yourself standing on dazzling white sand, wind passing through your hair softly and all you could see in front of you the crystal clear water moving to and fro on the seashore while the sun, at the horizon, is melting down into the sea and leaving the shades of red, orange and yellow colors in the sky and laying a carpet on the water for the dreams of tomorrow. All you could hear is soft whistling of the wind passing by you and birds chirping who are heading back to their nest. The whole experience looks like a dream but dreams do come true!

One of the cities in Egypt named Sharm el- Sheikh has long stretched and beautiful beaches with clean and crystal clear, blue water you have ever seen and the sand so soft and white feels like you are walking on flowers petals. Once you visit there you won’t regret it! It is situated in the Sinai Peninsula, on the coastal strip between the Red Sea and Mount Sinai, making it a paradise for the scuba diving and excellent marine life.

Scuba Diving Sharm El Sheikh Egypt

Initially Sharm el – Sheikh was not a city but a town of fishing community. The port of the city first functioned as a naval base for the Egyptian navy and in mid 80’s it became the civilian port. Because of its favorable condition like landscape, climate, marine life and flora and fauna it became main industry for foreign and domestic tourism.

Due to the transformation of village into the city it has led to many developments such as luxurious hotels like the Regency hotel, Hyatt hotel and many more exits here, shops outlets, entertainment like clubs, pubs, etc. you will never get bored staying here, for each time zone from morning to night there are other things to explore here.

Sharm el-sheikh has a worldwide status for its scuba diving sites like Ras Mohamed and Tiran Island. The experience will be unforgettable once you dive into the water, seeing diverse form of corals and reef, rare colorful fishes some you can touch too, manta rays, sharks and the most beautiful memory of swimming with dolphins will just get stored in your memories treasures.

Sharm el – Sheikh Beaches also offers water sports and it’s very adventurous to try the following sports once under guidance such as water skiing, wind surfing and kite surfing.

sharm el sheikh beaches

The visit is not completed until you go safari in the deserts. You got see the colored Canyon which is outstanding rock formation and one of its kinds in the world. While going in the desert you will realize while sightseeing, greenery is not the only thing you need to look out for. The deserts rock formation in the desert varies from rocks type; sandstone to lime stone, granite and veins of basalt. It’s a good place for the rock climbers and you want to see the unusual sunrise then you have to climb the Mount Moses.

The other sights if you are religious or curious enough to travel; Saint Catherine Monastery and Mount Sinai which is just 3 hours away from the port. It is said that, it’s on this mountain Moses received 10 commandments and the mountain was founded by the Saint Catherine in sixth century. To reach there you need to walk or hire a camel.

cruise shipIn night many bars and clubs open up to welcome exhausted tourists. Many tourists will get surprised by the modernized clubs and pubs. The best to go partying is at Na’ama bay which is known for organizing excellent evening merrymaking event.

Here you will get buses and mini buses to get around the place and main cities are connected by the road. The major airport at sharm’s is Ophira International Airport. There also a commuter terminal for yacht, sailboats, cruise ships and planned ferry service to Hurghada and Aqaba are also available.

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