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Living the ancient city of Shanghai

Shanghai, which is a crown of China offers magnificent sites and attractions to the tourists who throng here from all over the world. The port of Shanghai includes a deep sea port and also a river port. And this two gave lots of sightseeing options to us when we entered the port by cruise to explore the city of Shanghai during our vacation. In the year 2005, this port transported 443 million tons of cargo and became the busiest port in the world by Cargo tonnage. What fascinate us more is that the port of Shanghai is the third largest port in the world and is also the largest seaport in China.

Shanghai MuseumThe closest airport from the port is the Shanghai Airport and is situated at a distance of 15 miles away from the port. We would have traveled by air but what gave us more pleasure is by cruise. The major attractions that are close to the cruise port are the Bund, Shanghai Museum, Yu Gardens and Bazaar, Moganshan Lu Contemporary Arts District, Heping Fandian, Pudong Fazhan Yinhang, Jingan Gu Si, and Yufo Si. Some of the attractions are located at a short walking distance from the docking area. If you want to explore more then taxis will be the better option. You can also travel by buses that cover all the major destinations in the city. Rest China is the best place to explore the history.

Ritz PortmanWe went there for a week so after docking at the port we first arranged our accommodation. There are many world class luxury hotels in the city of Shanghai like Four Seasons, Grand Hyatt, JC Mandarin, JW Marriott, Ritz Portman, and Park Hotel. Budget hotel chains like Super Group and 168 Motel are there at Shanghai where you can make your accommodation. After completing our accommodation we went to have food as we was very much hungry. Shanghai offers a variety of cuisines which is world famous. So we went to try the cuisines here at Bourbon Street. Shanghai specialities are Xiaolongbao, Jiaozi and Hairy Crab which we tasted at first chance. The food was really great. Shanghai has many elegant cafes, high street fast food, and others that you should try once.

After having food we went to explore the attractions of Shanghai. Firstly, we explored all the attractions close to the port. Later we walked around the street of Shanghai and also explored few of the major attractions of Shanghai. We went to Shanghai during winter season that made us feel so cool and pleasant. Shanghai enjoys wild winter and hot and humid summers. So the best time for you to visit is from the months of April to May and late September to November. Well, the population of Shanghai is 18.8 million that includes religion like Buddhism, Daoism and Confucianism. Officially, atheist is the China’s religion and includes 5 million Protestants and 4 million Roman Catholics as well.

The Shanghai chinaShanghai Port International Cruise Terminal was opened in the year 2008 on North Bund. Its length is somewhat 880 metres and the new terminal has the capacity to berth three luxury cruise ships at a time. And from then this port welcomed millions of tourists who reached here to explore these amazing sites and make them their memorable moments for their rest of the life. We really enjoyed out trip and did many shopping for our loved ones and hope to visit the provinces of China again to explore the other attractions to the fullest.

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