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Sail in the City of Dubai as to enjoy the huge mega-shopping festival

Dubai city is no more looking above its bear at ‘The West’; it is extremely tiring screening what an Arabic emirate is capable of doing on its own. Travel by water into a harbor as well as grand vision of Dubai is without delay evident as a glinting lay down of designer buildings, which includes the tallest building, Burj Khalifa, as well as a sequence of offshore artificial islands (the 3 Palms as well as the World) indicator the coastline of this strange square of desert.

Hardly 30 years in the past Dubai city was nonentity above a shabby haven across the Gulf. At the present, with its enjoyment citadels in the atmosphere, it is the metropolitan of the prospect.

Dubai city


Dubai Creek is the most important attraction of the city, accompanied by good quality sights of Dubai city from several points by the side of the water’s periphery. Polished skyscrapers point the skyline, despite the fact that the aged dealing dhows plough down and up at the creek as it was been done many years ago, a number of taking tourists on contentment trips by the side of the eventful waterway. At the internal conclusion of the creek is a huge, superficial lagoon, conserved as a wildlife asylum.

Dubai Tourist Attractions

Dubai World Trade Centre

Raise 39 floors to the surveillance floor for a mid-air outlook of this ever-growing metropolitan area.

Dubai World Trade Centre

Gold Souk

Bargain for 22kt gold designer bangles in one of oldest souks of city of Dubai , or merely go there for having an eye-candy.

gold souk dubai

Burj al-Arab Hotel

Look at the lights transform on the covering of this wonderful building.

Burj al Arab Hotel

Arabian Gulf

Pace more than the tranquil waters that flows across the oil-rich Gulf scheduled jet skis.


Gold, carpets and spices are well-known purchases from the city of Dubai, and its old souks available in Deira as well as Bur Dubai stores. more and more, Dubai city is as well a modern paradise for all shoppers across the world, being provided with electrical goods as well as designer labels who take the central stage within the lustrous latest shopping malls in the region of Beniyas Square, Al-Hiyafa Road and Al-Rigga. Don’t fail to spot Dubai Shopping Festival that takes place in the late March month and continues up to late April. It is  a whole month long sell orgy of promotions as well as sales.

Eating Out

Dubai is an intercontinental metropolitan with intercontinental food to contest. If you enclose the possibility to consume local fashion, on the other hand, attempt makbous, a highly spiced lamb plate with perfumed rice.

When to visit

Dubai takes pleasure in a waterless subtropical typical weather, by means of blue sky as well as brightness throughout the year. Keep away from the hot months, starting from June which comes to a conclusion in September, as soon as temperatures can fly to 45°C and additional throughout the day as well as dampness levels are extremely high.


Arabic is the local language of the city, moreover English, Hindi, Urdu, Bengali are widely spoken.


By and large, Dubai is a Muslim state, of which around 16% of the total populations are Shi’ite as well as the remainder populations are Sunni. Emigrant workers (a huge amount of the populace) are generally Hindu as well as Christian.

Social Conventions

Muslim religious laws are to be observed, when in the city. Women are predictable to wear humbly as well as men are required to dress properly. Alcohol is bared, with non-Muslims permitted to sip alcohol in the various bars, clubs, hotels, and restaurants scattered across the city. Smoking is completely debarred in various public places. All those who are below 20 yrs of age are not permitted to purchase cigarettes. Eating, smoking and drinking in civic are not permitted throughout daytime hours in the month of Ramadan.


The majority of hotels as well as restaurants put in additional service charges to your actual bill, as a result tipping are by no means necessary.

Additional Information:

Time Zone – GMT + 4.

Currency – UAE Dirham (Dh) = 100 fils.

Location – United Arab Emirate’s Persian Gulf.

Closest Destination – Dubai.

Relocate Distance – 1km.

Relocate Time – 5 minutes.

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