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Antalya, positioned away from the sprawling metropolitan in Turkey

Positioned on the Mediterranean shoreline in the south western region of Turkey, Antalya is known to be the fourth leading city all across Turkey despite the fact that journey holidaymakers witness none of its present spread out.

The extraordinary centre as well as harbor enjoys an astonishing background, placed on the top of a limestone plateau, inserted into a semi-circular-shaped inlet enclosed by the jagged Taurus Mountains.

Journey ships come inside the commercial waterfront, as well possessing an impressive mountain environment, a little 40 km from momentous centre of Antalya. The most important attractions are the attractive Old Town, acknowledged as Kaleiçi, as well as ancient ruins located in close proximity, conspicuously Perge, Aspendos as well as Termessos (the former two are blended in a trendy half-day sightsee).

Antalya turkey


The Old Town consists of an enjoyable mess of precipitous slender roads lined with a number of carpet shops, as well as boutique hotels and restaurants, numerous absorbing graceful reinstated Ottoman residences, bend down to the antique waterfront. The Konyaalti waterfront is a breathtaking area to catch the air blowing in the evening.


Antalya Museum

An outstanding archaeological collected works housing the premium displays as of classical locations right by the side of the Mediterranean shoreline.

Antalya Museum


Its fabulous Roman Theater more over is known to be the most excellent conserved all across Asia Minor.



Was established in 1000 BC the well conserved Perge Theater could on one occasion accommodate 14,000 public.


With its spectacular background as well as extremely well conserved remnants this is one of optimum antique locations all across Turkey, located at a distance of 30km in the south eastern region of Antalya.

Gulet cruise

Seize a half-day journey on a fine-looking conventional inexpressive Turkish-fashion gulet coastal yacht, to comprise the gorgeous Düden Falls.

Gulet cruise


The Old Town region is an extremely multicolored area to go out and shop, with the whole thing starting from antique carpets to designer leather, spices as well as Turkish enchantment to forged Rolex in addition to all style of conventional handicrafts. Look forward to be advanced by various sales people as well as bargaining is supposed to be the median. Purchasing a carpet, or any other luxurious things, can be an extensive procedure, which involves taking coffee with the particular sales merchants.

Eating Out

Over and over again undervalued, Turkish victuals can be exceptional. Endeavor the meze, which is a selection of salads, appetizers and dips. The mainly characteristic meat dish is “kebab”, portions of meat being grilled on a sputter. Plainly grilled shellfish as well as sea fish are outstanding.

Best time to visit Antalya

Bodrum region experiences a typical Mediterranean type of weather in the company of mild winter seasons as well as hot arid summer seasons. Be careful while visiting the harbor in months of July as well as August when temperatures mount more than 35ºC, despite the fact that this is repeatedly tempered as a result of sea breezes. Winter season experiences an average temperature, with a maximum fall of 15 ºC in addition to merely a small rainfall.


Turkish is the primary language of the city. German, English as well as French are generally spoken in most important cities as well as tourist areas.


The huge part of the total population of the city is Muslim, by and large being Sunni, with an extremely little Christian minority. Turkey is a worldly state which assurance total liberty of devotion to non-Muslims inhabitants.

Social Conventions

Hospitality is extremely significant as well as tourists should esteem Islamic practices. Smoking is far and wide tolerable even though banned in buses, dolmuşes as well as coaches.


A service charge is frequently incorporated in restaurant as well as hotel bills. If not, put down a tip of approximately 10%. In reasonably priced cafes a little perk is respected. If you are using cabs simply round up the tariff.

Additional Information:

Time Zone – GMT + 2.

Currency – Turkish New Lira (YTL).

Location – Antalya is located about a 1/3 of the way (moving from western to eastern edge) by the side of south edge of Turkey, at the Mediterranean coastline.

Closest Destination – Antalya

Relocate Distance – 40 km.

Relocate Time – 60 minutes.

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