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Viking Cruises – Europe, Russia, China, Egypt

Viking cruises have been in business since nineteen ninety seven, and has river cruising all over the world as their area of specialization. The line started of by offering river itineraries all over the continent of Europe, on legendary rivers such as Elbe, Seine, Rhone, Moselle, Main, Rhine and the Danube. The target market is English speaking cruisers, mainly from the United States. The line has since made numerous enlargements both in their fleet, as well as in the itineraries. The cruise company now enjoys a position of repute among cruise lines that offer river cruises, and is top most in its niche, both in terms of the fleet as well as of popularity. Viking Cruises are based in Switzerland.

It was in the year two thousand that Viking Cruises bought K D River Cruises, and incorporated them, to form the largest river cruising company in entire Europe. The company then staked out several itineraries in Russia, the Ukraine and Siberia. The year two thousand four saw yet another expansion, when Viking Cruises set ship in China’s Yangtze River. The new century star, having a capacity of one eighty six passengers, was slated for the English speaking cruise tours. The century Sky is an all balcony river boat that was constructed in the year two thousand and three.

Along with this addition, there have been numerous updates made on the vessels part of the ship, there have been several new additions, and old ships part of the fleet were remodeled. The river boats part of the fleet at Viking Cruises are all built in Scandinavia, and sport modern elements typical of Scandinavia. There are a number of excellent facilities and amenities on offer, and there is no dearth to quality here. The Swiss hotel management staff has some excellent dining options on offer.

There are some excellent all inclusive cruise packages on offer for cruises. The European cruise package will include round trip air fare to Europe, theme dining, ship board classes, various entertainment options, all meals on the ship as well as comprehensive sightseeing. There is a Viking Cruise Manager that is on duty to see to such details as overseeing transfers, baggage handling and other for the Viking flight passengers. There are a number of facilities that are aimed at American clients, such as English speaking staff, crew and guides, as well as tailor made meals.

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