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Cruise Packages in India

Come to India and enjoy the cruise packages that are so famous in India. The Samudram package “ex Kochi” is found available during the months of October and may and has the following details.

The Samudram Package is a fantastic cruise which takes tourists to Kalpeni, Kavaratti, and also Minicoy for a day’s excursion. Get the best refreshments, lunch, and also a lot of entertainment which has the best folk dances and also other recreational facilities. Also enjoy snorkeling and swimming here and experience the pleasures of water sport activities here. Then you can go sightseeing in the here and get to see the best sights of the Tuna factory, Marine Museum and also the villages here. The folk dances here are of great entertainment value and they are arranged in every island here. The nights can be spent on board the ships that you come in. In the Samudram package you would stay in the MV Kavaratti.

On the ship you would be shown a film about the tourists here and this would give a brief idea about the Lakshadweep islands and how the coral reefs and other sights here provide great fascination in travels. The coral reefs and the related sights are a great sight to the eye. There is a ban here to pick up corals and plastics are also best avoided. So learn to keep the island clean and experience the beauty of being in this land without destroying and disturbing it.

The Samudram Package could be a coral reef one or a weekend tour package. The travellers have to choose the package they want. There are many programmes that are arranged and prepared for the Indians who travel in these cruises. Foreign nationals can take the Agatti Beach Resort or the Minicoy resort or Kadmat resorts which are a part of the packages here.

The tourists who come here can also avail of the cruises that are organized by the LTC that provide such cruises. The transportation cost for the diamond class is around Rs.11, 000 and the tour package cost is Rs. 9,000 and the total cost would be levied around 7.6% and all this depends on the prevailing government tax rates. Sometime extra service tax is levied.

The package is inclusive of on board accommodation in the ship. The meal here also includes snacks. There are lot of adventures and entertainment ashore, and the people coming here also get welcome drinks besides of course snacks and lunch ashore. The charges are free of upto children upto 3 years of age. Children between 3 years to 10 years are charged around Rs. 14,000 for a five day stay with the taxes applied extra. The rate for a student group of minimum of fifteen students would be Rs. 14,000 for the same five day stay.

Come here by the Cruise ship Aquamarine which is a great cruise on the Indian Ocean and is the area of the ultimate cruise holiday in this part of the world. This cruise would take you to the Maldives and also to Kochi in India and Colombo in Sri Lanka. The Indian Ocean is amongst the third largest of the divisions of the ocean’s department and is also the third largest. It covers around 20% of the water on the Earth’s surface. The popular destinations in this cruise are Maldives, Cochin and Colombo.

Colombo is one of the most famous Indian Ocean destinations. This is the largest centre and commercial capital of Sri Lanka. There are cruises of three nights to Colombo and the departures are normally on Sundays.

You would depart on a Sunday and the departure is normally from Cochin and then you would reach Colombo and it is a very interesting cruise in this part of the world.

Enjoy one of the most beautiful locales in the Indian Ocean. Maldives with its most beautiful lagoons is also a great cruise destination to be in and is a great place to be in. Depart from Cochin and reach Kuda Bandos.

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