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Danube River Cruises


The River Danube is one of the major rivers in Europe. The river had a good hand in shaping the culture and history of several of Europe’s nations. The river is the longest in the European Union and is the second longest waterway in the entire Europe, Volga in Russia being the longest.

The River Danube originates from the Black Forest region in Germany, and goes through two different European countries, and then on to the Black Sea. The countries through which the river passes through before it reaches the Black Sea are, in reverse order, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Ukraine, Serbia, Hungary, Croatia, Germany, Austria and Slovakia.

Danube River Cruises are one of the most popular and most fun ways to tour Europe. You can cruise the entire length of the river, or parts of it. Whatever the duration of your trip, the fun will literally be endless. You will pass through such wonderful places as medieval villages, castles, forests, cities and a whole lot of other fascinating attractions. There are stops made at classy destinations. This is also inclusive of wine tours and other extras.

Let us look at the top ways of having Danube River Cruises . . .
  • The Legendary Danube
    This is one of the most popular river cruises on the Danube. The cruise takes you through th best of Danube, and passes through the intriguing splendor of the Main Danube canal. The Benedictine Abbey, the Regensburg and a whole lot of amazing attractions.

  • The Blue Danube
    The Blue Danube is certainly the trip most magical. The cruise is almost fairy tale like, passing through old world villages and castles, and great cities such as Salzburg, Bratislava, Budapest, Prague and Vienna. The legendary Wachau Valley is also part of the itinerary.

  • Tasty Danube
    A light and fun filled cruise along the Danube, and there are a good number of small towns visited. There are also destinations such as Obermmergau, Bratislava and Wachau Valley. This is one of the most fun Danube River Cruises.

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