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Flowing With The Waves Of Water Towards Barbados


Bridgetown, a capital city which was earlier known as the ‘Town of Saint Michael’ lies in the country of Barbados. It is the biggest Bridgetown area that lies in the rural community of Saint Michael. In the vicinity, Bridgetown is also considered as ‘The City’ but common it is referred to as ‘Town’. The Bridgetown lies on the coast of the island towards southwest direction next to Carlisle Bay. This city was found by the British in the year 1628 making their residence at James Town.

It is a major tourist destination in West Indies and performs as a significant financial and convention centre in the Caribbean region. Bridgetown is the only where George Washington was visited as in outside the continental North America. The Constitution River or the Careenage is the heart of Bridgetown. Careenage separates the Bridgetown into two distinct parts.

Barbados is a set of attractions and also offers breathtaking landscapes that not only attracts tourist from various parts of the world but also attracts the investors from a range of fields. The event held in the year 2007 which is the ICC Cricket World Cup tournament at this island is a legend that attracted thousands of visitors to celebrate this wonderful moment. Visitors not only enjoyed the event but also enjoyed this place that offers plenty of eye catchy sites to visit.

Well, when you are travelling by a cruise it is known that you will be facing many exotic locations and sights that has worth. Cruises provide you all the necessary stuff that you want. You will get delicious food in the cruise, casinos to enjoy and of course, a better accommodation. So you have to just sit by having a sip of tea or coffee and go on watching the wonderful sights that offers by the cruise while travelling.

Barbados Cruise

The major port from where your cruise will get entry is the Bridgetown Port which is also called as ‘Deep Water Harbour’. Cruises and cargo ships are actually docking in Barbados. This Harbour is located at a small distance close to Carlisle Bay towards the northwest direction of the Careenage Canal. This harbour port performs as among the major shipping and transshipment centre for the overall Eastern Caribbean from international places.

Bridgetown port

Barbados has tropical climate where the summer season is been recorded as of 35 degree Celsius and winter season goes below 16 degree Celsius. You can visit at Barbados during the months of December to April. At that time you can experience a little rainfall and the heat will be quite normal by blowing cool trade winds. Other seasons will be very hot as Barbados has hot and sunny climate throughout the year. The continuous trade winds off the Atlantic Ocean make the temperature gentle in Barbados.

Bridgetown has many historical attractions and landmarks. Few of the landmarks where you can visit are National Heroes Square and Fountain Garden, Independence Square and The Independence Arch, The Montefiore Fountain, Parliament Buildings of Barbados, The Cathedral Church of Saint Michaels and All Angels, The St. Mary’s Anglican Church, The St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Cathedral, The Jewish Synagogue, The Pelican Village and Craft Centre, Queen’s Park, The Lord Nelson Statue, The Barbados Museum, Kensington Oval, Carlisle Bay Beach, Cheapside market, The Tom Adams Financial Complex, The Frank Collymore Hall of the Performing Arts, The Cathedral Plaza, The Cave Shepherd Department Store, The Mutual Building, The Cheapside Gardens, Sagicor Plaza, The Garrison Savannah and National Historic Area, The Hilton Hotel and Martineau House.

barbados parliament building
These are the real attractions that give pleasure and make this place a well-known tourist destination. Besides this you can also visit at the Pierhead Development Complex which is again a famous attraction of Bridgetown. Barbados lies at the eastern side of the Caribbean Sea and its nearest islands are Martinique, Saint Lucia and Saint Vincent & the Grenadines towards the west. You can also visit the highest point of Barbados which is Mount Hillaby lies in the parish of Saint Andrew.

The original name of Barbados is Ichirouganaim which was kept by the aboriginal Arawak tribes. Barbados is been separated by eleven parishes and they are, the Christ Church, Saint Andrew, Saint George, Saint James, Saint John, Saint Joseph, Saint Lucy, Saint Michael, Saint Peter, Saint Philip and Saint Thomas. St. George and St. Thomas lies in between the country and are the only two parishes here that do not have any coastlines.

For transportation there are taxis allover the island and buses are also available. You will get world-class accommodations in the hotels here as this prime destination has been developed highly. Grantley Adams International Airport lies at the southeast direction of Bridgetown. Barbados is popular among the tourists due to its pleasant and bright blue Caribbean Sea with fine white and pink sand beaches. For surfing you should go towards the island’s east coast that faces the Atlantic Ocean. Here the waves are perfect for those who love surfing. In fact, this place is famous for shopping where you can find plenty of duty-free shops. Saint Lawrence Gap is a popular tourist area where you can spend your night-life. There are many other areas for tourists to explore during night.

Few other attractions here are the wildlife reserves, jewelry stores, scuba diving, helicopter rides, golf, festivals which is popular is Crop Over festival held every year in the months of July to August, sightseeing, cave exploration, exotic drinks and fine clothes shopping. For any information you can contact the Barbados Tourism Authority in the UK at (020) 7636 9448 or log on to www.visitbarbados.co.uk.

Enjoy your meal at the Bajan culinary specialities centre where you will get seafood like lobster, flying fish, dorado, red snapper, tuna and king fish and crane chubb. Freshly caught sea urchin which is also called as sea egg is well-known here. Sweet potatoes, plantains, breadfruit, yams and fruits like avocado, pears, soursops, pawpaws, bananas, figs and coconuts are among the major productions. Rum-based drinks and cocktails is a favourite drink in the island. The Mount Gay and Cockspur are the famous drinks here.

The closest destination here is Bridgetown with the transfer distance of 3.5 kilometre and transfer time is 10 to 15 minutes. So just enjoy your holidays perfectly by sailing on the deep water and experience the magnificent locations that you have never seen before.

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