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Louis Cruise Lines have always kept a low profile. In fact, right until April 2007, the cruise line was quite unknown except among the general cruisers. The company did not go into much publicity stunts or promotions. However, in April 2007, the company came into the world’s spot light in a very tragic way. Sea Diamond, the latest ship part of the fleet has sunk close to Santorini Island. Two French citizens died. Before that not many people around the world had heard of the cruise line.

However, in spite of the fact that Louis Cruise Lines have kept a reasonably low profile ever since it was started, the fact that it has become the fifth biggest cruise line in the entire world. The cruise line is the largest in the Eastern Mediterranean, the Western Mediterranean as well the country of Greece, this has happened with the addition of the new flagship to the fleet, the Louis Majesty.

The cruise company is also a leading charter ship provider. They charter ships to mainly the Thomson Cruise lines in UK. The most amazing fact about the growth of the cruise ship company is that the line was just a one ship affair close to twenty five years ago.

Louis Cruise Lines is a subsidiary of the Louis PLC, which is a company started in nineteen thirty five in Cyprus, by an entrepreneur named Louis Loizou, who set up a travel agency on the island of Cyprus, which was then a British Colony. The travel agency is now the biggest in te country, and serves major establishments such s airlines, tour operators all over the world.

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