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Experience the White Cliff’s of Dover during your cruise to London

Full of life Dover’s splendid White Cliffs receives cruise travelers to the attractive Kent County. Attractions on as well as in the region of this stretch of shoreline take account of cosmic sandy shorelines, medieval Dover fortress as well as inland, the capacious Canterbury Church. A number of trains which connects the travelers directly to Kenty as well wait to fluff up tourists off to London which is one of the few vivacious as well as cosmopolitan cities across the entire globe.

The multicultural capital city of England, London is overcrowded with attraction which includes the BuckinghamPalace, as well as the Houses of Parliament, a smorgasbord of theatres, also a world-class art galleries and Tower of London. After that there is Soho, by means of its wicked nightlife as well as the designer boutique-lined Knightsbridge’s lane.

The animation as well as charisma, even if, lengthens way further than the city centre. Cruise travelers are attracted to the likes of thriving Richmond, bohemian Notting Hill as well as the gigantic out-of-doors spaces of Hyde Park, Hampstead Heath and Regent’s Park.

White cliffs of dover England


Making an attempt to list down the most important sights of London is an unattainable task as splendid structures as well as listed buildings (there are almost 40,000 listed building) are ready to welcome visitors at almost each and every street corner. Add the four very popular UNESCO World Heritage sites (the Tower of London, the Palace of Westminster, Maritime Greenwich as well as Kew Gardens) to the blend and you’re even than merely grazing the float up.

On the northern bank of the twisting Thames River the gothic fashion Parliament House, thriving Big Ben as well as baggy Westminster Abbey is accurately omissible. This edge of the river is a home as well to the 3 most important South Kensington museums namely the Victoria as well as Albert Museum, the Science Museum and also the Natural History Museum. To the eastern side a leisurely walk all across St James’s Park makes a way to the very popular Buckingham Palace where the usual Changing the Guard ritual is a huge mob pleaser.

buckingham palace london

The West End of London in the meantime swanks the exhilarating night-time pleasures of Piccadilly Circus as well as Soho and also Leicester Square, where the various bars and restaurants abound. At this place the cruise travelers will find the Theatreland as well and also the legendary market as well as Covent Garden’s street performers.

In the present day the South Bank as well attracts a number of visitors. Observe the city develop across the patronizing statures of the London Eye, be in awe of Lord Foster’s City Hall (the modern house of London Mayor Boris Johnson as well as the London Assembly), or riddle over the offensive artwork which is exhibited at the Tate Modern.

  • Tower Bridge

Tower bridge london

  • British Museum
  • National Gallery

National Gallery

  • St Paul’s Cathedral
  • Tate Britain

Tate Britain

  • London Aquarium

There’s a little for each and every one in the city of London: class food at the popular Borough Market, economy shops in a Portobello Road as well as Camden also a quality fashion on Bond Street, within Knightsbridge as well on Sloane Square.

Make your way to the elite boutiques over the Knightsbridge, where Harrods has turned out to a popular visitor’s attraction in its personal right, as well as the huge department stores on the Oxford Street.

London proffers entirely the whole thing you could desire. Designer fashion, street fashion, boutique shops, collectibles as well as many more things.

Eating Out

The multiculturalism of London is imitated in the number as well as multiplicity of its bars, restaurants and cafes. A number of eateries which offers everything which is made by Michelin-starred chefs to the cultural cuisine present London as one of the majority exhilarating dining locations across the planet.

London specialities
  • Curry (the favorite dish of UK is chicken tikka masala), most excellent sampled in the numerous curry houses across the Brick Lane at the east end.
  • Pie as well as mash (crushed beef pies which are served with the mashed potato) various shops selling this conventionally working-class favorite are liable to be situated in the southeastern region of the city.
  • Fish ‘n’ chips (a heart-stopping blend of cod or haddock which is deep fried in the batter and the eaten with the help of deep-fried chips which are thickly cut).
  • Roasted beef as well as Yorkshire pudding are usually served during the Sunday dinner.
  • Jellied eels, one more favorite with the working classes of London, frequently served in mash as well as pie shops.
  • Sausage as well as mash (frequently known as bangers ‘n’ mash), one more placate food favorite.
When to visit

London’s climate is warm from the late spring to the early autumn. During the hot summer season the temperature on the jam-packed Underground (London’s inclusive even though luxurious metro arrangement) can be intolerable. In winter season, cozy up in conventional pubs, make the majority of little queues at the various tourists’ attractions as well as pander to a little somber shopping.

HotelsBloomsbury hotel london

Any points of time you are planning to have a stay in London don’t worry as surely you will come across a hotel which suits your budget. The hotels which are in and around Mayfair, Kensington, Knightsbridge as well as Bloomsbury do ask for a high cost. Bargains are easily done with Bayswater, as well as Paddington and also Earls Court. First-rate deals are over and over again obtainable across the Internet, particularly in winter season when the tenancy is lesser.


English is the basic language of London and is widely used.


Christianity, is the major religion across the city, at the same time, you will come across with a number of small religious groupings which include Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, Buddhist as well as Sikh.

Social Conventions

London is a very big melting pot of diverse cultures, where the majority things are endured. Diverse rules pertain in diverse situations. Business dressing is formal as well as conservative. In the corporate world the exchange of business cards is considered normal as well. It is common observance to carry a little gift (for example flowers or wine) if somebody have invited you to have dinner with him/her. It is well thought-out to be gracious to buy each a round of various drinks when in a pub. Smoking is strictly forbidden in enclosed public places, which include bars, shops, public transportation and restaurants.


Almost 10% of your bill is expected as a tip for good service in various restaurants as it is common here, with little tips frequently given to bar staffs as well as taxi drivers. A lot of locals as well as British visitors don’t tip.

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