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Melbourne: A Heart Of Millions

Are you planning to spend your holidays in a place that will give you a pleasant experience and enjoyable life? Are you looking for a luxurious place that will be easily accessible and will give you plenty of sites to visit? Then here I have a place in my mind that will offer you much more than you have thought of. Melbourne, a state capital of Victoria that lies on the Port Phillip Bay in Australia, is a better option for you with plenty of sightseeing and exotic locations.

Melbourne has 4 million populations and its inhabitants are known as “Melburnian”. Melbourne could be found near the Yarra River where people lived earlier for some thousands of years. British settlers were deeply attracted by this waterway. The Port Phillip Settlement is a Colony of New South Wales established in the year 1835 which was found by the British settlers themselves. From this in the year 1851, a small colony was been separated from the New South Wales which was named as Victoria by giving respect to Queen Victoria. After this, it was renamed as Melbourne to pay respect to William Lamb. Queen Victoria was officially announced Melbourne as a city in the year 1847.


Turning this city into a powerful financial centre holds 2 distinct reasons. One is the discovery of gold close to the Ballarat and Bendigo in Melbourne and other is that it was the first financial capital till the city named Canberra was found in the year 1927.Modern skyscrapers

Here you will get many attractions including various gardens and parks that generate a spark within you to explore the city entirely. Modern skyscrapers and stylish Victorian-era buildings also add to your list of major attractions.

You will find diverse population including the Italian, Greek and Chinese communities. After, the end of World War II major immigration took place where the Greek community entered in a huge amount and made Melbourne a cultural melting pot. You will get a variety of restaurants, cafes, Chinese eateries in Chinatown and also seafood restaurants in St Kilda Beach. Different cuisine made the place even better which was brought by the global population. An experience in theatre, music, art and literature will boost your energy to a certain level.

Few of the key attractions of Melbourne where you can visit and spend your quality time are Great Ocean Road, Yarra Valley, Phillip Island, Dandenong Ranges, National Gallery and the Victorian Arts Centre, Melbourne Museum, Parliament House, Captain Cook’s Cottage, Melbourne Aquarium, Royal Melbourne Zoo and the Yarra River Cruise.

Yarra River Cruise

Melbourne is an architectural symbol that brings social, cultural and commercial activities together. Apart from this, the Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne Cricket Ground and Rippon Lea Estate are the other attractions that will make your day. These worth visiting attractions will make you feel glad and will think that you have chosen a place of worth. To visit these places you have to pay little bit of charges as your admission fee but do not hesitate to pay as all these places will provide the glory of nature to you. With all these spots you will absolutely not get a single time to spare by resting in your room.

Yarra ValleyMelbourne is a centre of Live Music that caters to all tastes. So enjoy the nightlife here at Bars and clubs, Casinos and other places. Try shopping in Melbourne which is a major fashion centre. You will find boutiques and department stores all around. Go for the Queen Victoria Market and try the world famous wines in Yarra Valley even try the honeys, jams and chutneys that are produced locally. You will get sheepskin products at many stores, and also Aussie hats and much more things.

You will in fact, get a variety of foods like of Turkish, Spanish, Vietnamese, Greek, Italian, French, Middle Eastern and Asian. You will get coffee shops and bakeries around. Here the Aussie meat pie is famous, so just try it once.

For accommodations do not get panic as you have many hotels, restaurants and lots of places to rest or stay that suit your budget. Luxury hotels to the moderate ranging hotels all are available for you. Hotels you will get at Yarra Valley, Frankston, Spa Country, Phillip Island and at every places. So book you room wherever you want to.

Just search a better time to visit this magnificent place. The city has four different seasons with cool temperate climate. Winter season is cool, windy and also rainfall occurs at that time and summer is hot and humid. Sometimes you will find all the four seasons arrived in a group of one.

To explore the city you have various modes of transportations like the tram services, cars and buses as well. To reach at this place you have Melbourne Airport which is the second busiest airport after Sydney. After getting there you will get Taxis outside which is always available and this will take your 20 to 25 minutes to reach at the city centre. Rail services are also available to you. Melbourne has the biggest tram network in the world. Flinders Street Station is the busiest railway station in Melbourne, you should try this once. Bus services are also there in Melbourne that has networks in 300 routes. Besides these, you will get accessed from the highways like Eastern Freeway, Monash Freeway and West Gate Freeway.

So what else you want? Spare little time in shopping at Arts Centre, Federation Square, The Block Archade, Royal Archade, Southgate Leisure Precinct, Chinatown, Queen Victoria Markets, Crown Casino & Crown Entertainment Complex, Bourke Street Mall, Southgate Plaza and Docklands. Here I have served you the entire plate, all you need is to start eating it. And now decide, Melbourne is a worth visiting place or not? This is a place that will offer you almost everything. Just you have to put a little effort to book for your accommodations and of course, your ticket to reach here. So, whenever you plan your trip, do not forget to note Melbourne in your list. And once you have been there you will never remove this place from the list of your favorite tourist destination.

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