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Port of Istanbul: Divided between the new and the old world

The port of Istanbul is the major city in Turkey. The old city lies on the Peninsula between Europe and Asia that covers both of these continents. It was earlier recognized as the capital of Byzantine Empire, the Ottoman Empire and also the Turkish Republic. The port of Istanbul covers an area of about 295 nautical miles towards the southwest direction of the Port of Sevastopol in Ukraine and also about 378 nautical miles towards northeast of Port of Piraeus in Greece. It is the biggest and busiest port of Turkey and is also an industrial center of the country. No doubt, it is also a significant hub for tourism.

This port offers maritime transportation services right from the ferries to the huge international liners. Hinterland produces cotton, olive, fruit and tobacco and along with this, the Port of Istanbul also produces textiles, oils, electronics, metal ware, rubber, leather, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, automobiles and vehicles, glass and alcohol. Hence, this port produces half of the trade of Turkey and also half of its wholesale trade. The port serves more than 23 million tourists every year. So it makes a perfect cruise destination to the tourists who love to explore the world and its amazing sites.

Istanbul port Turkey
As per the archeological evidences of the port, the first human habitation was from the Copper Age. If we date back to the history of this port we will find ourselves in the 11th century BC, 657 BC, 330 AD and all. This port has a deep history right from its origin till today. The main port of Istanbul is the Port of Haydarpasa which is a seaport that handles general, roll-on and roll-off cargo and containers. The port of Istanbul operates by the Turkish State Railways and the port is sheltered by two breakwaters. It is the largest container port in the region that serves more than six million metric tons of cargo every year.

The Port of Istanbul has two huge piers with total 21 berths and these berths handle dry bulk and general cargo, roll-on and off cargo, containerized cargo and servicing motor boats. Every year, the container terminals of this port handle 1200 vessels and 144 thousand TEUs of containerized cargo. The port has 31 hectares of open storage area and 2 hectares of covered storage area. Rest 5.5 hectares of area outside the port are covered for 52.8 thousand TEUs.

This is one of the best cruise destinations in the world as the city of Istanbul is the gateway to many tourist attractions in Turkey like archeological sites, ancient cities, historic places and natural scenic wonders. Its international cuisines cannot be skipped behind. With many traditional Turkish restaurants you can try the traditional and international food here. Stroll around the streets of Istanbul where many cafes and restaurants could be found. Also the nightlife will give you enormous pleasure where you can experience pop concerts, opera, symphony, ballet and theater throughout the year.

Ottoman mosquesThe city enjoys typical Mediterranean climate with frequently wet, cold winters and hot, humid summers. You can even experience snowfall during winter especially in the months of December and March. Winters with 3 degree Celsius could be experienced in the months of January and February whereas, summers over 28 degree Celsius could be found in the months of July and August. The port offers mind-boggling sites to explore like the famous 6th century Hagia Sophia which was built for Emperor Justinian and is the largest enclosed space in the entire world remained for more than 1000 years. It is among the most important architectural structures in the world that has been an inspiration for most of the Ottoman mosques.

Originally, this structure was built during the time of Emperor Constantine I in 6th Century but then served as a church for some 916 years and finally served as a mosque forsome 481 years. Topkapi Sarayi Palace MuseumLater, in the year 1935, this ancient structure was converted into a museum. Today, it has been a captivating museum for which tourist throng to this place just to take a glance of this ancient structure. Other tourist attractions of this place are Topkapi Sarayi Palace Museum, Spice Bazaar which is dating back to the 17th century, Beylerbeyi Palace, Camlica Hill, eight Princes’ Islands, Suleymaniye Bath, Cagaloglu Bath, Cemberlitas Bath, sultanahmet camii, yerebatan Sarayi, Galata Kulesi, Taksim Square and Istiklal Caddesi, Turkish and Islamic Art Museum, Istanbul Modern Art Gallery and Yildiz Park.

Try shopping at the 15th century Grand Bazaar where you will get silks, spices and jewellery. Spice Bazaar close to Eminonu is also a good place to buy souvenirs. With the common language as English that is widely spoken at this city you can enjoy the exotic sights through cruise and then wander around the city from the port of Istanbul. This place will take you back to those centuries where you will definitely get fascinated with the history of the wonders and also the city. Most of the religion here is Muslim especially Sunni with a minute Christian minority and the city enjoys republican government which is located at the Mediterranean Eastern Europe. People are very friendly here so just be chilled and enjoy your vacation as perfectly as you can.

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