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Sailing in the Cunard Cruise liner


The Cunard Cruise liner is one of the biggest cruise liners in the United States. This cruise liner operates in the United Kingdom, United States, and Australia. The Cunard is the best liner for luxury cruises.


The Cunard Cruise Liner operates all around the world. The Cunard generally voyages on the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, British Isles, Scandinavia, Baltic, Iceland, Canaries, Madeira, Azores, Carribean, Mexico, Panama Canal, Canada and the U.S.A.

Cunard cruise liner

The Ship

There are three ship which operate under the Cunard Cruise Line. Queen Mary 2, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth are the ones.

Queen Mary 2 is the most magnificent ocean liner sailing. There are 14 spacious decks on which you can relax and rewind yourself. There are excellent dining areas, ballrooms, theatres, lounges and a planetarium.

Queen Victoria is said to be the second largest Cunard fleet which has been made. The floor of the vessel is marbled with “plush carpets, rich fabrics and soft furnishings”. This ship truly reflects the great grandeur.

Queen Elizabeth is another exquisite and new luxury liner which has been added to the list of cruises with Cunard.

Amenities in the Cruises

The cruise liners are equipped with facilities like the spa, the royal court theatre, Games deck, Grills, Queens Room and the Garden Lounge.

Royal court theatre


There are a couple of great restaurants which offer amazing cuisines. The Queens Grill Experience, Princess Grill, The Britannia Experience, The Luxury of Choice are some of the popular ones.


Things to do in the Cruise

There are many things to do in the cruise. The ship is equipped with a library, cafetaria, and lounge bar.

Apart from this, there are many leisure activities which you can indulge in. Daytime activities include working out in the fitness centre, swimming and learning various dances. In the evenings, you can spend laze at the lounge bars or go for a heady dance at the discotheque on board.

What to do when you are off board

When the ship is anchored on a port, you can go in and explore the town. At times, the ship anchors itself on mid-ocean, you can take a boat (which is arranged for you by the ship) and go around some nearby island.

The Cunard Cruise liner is one of the most amazing and the best cruise liner which takes you across the world. Prior booking for the cruise is recommended.

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