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Antalya – Enlightens the ancient era


Wars had destroyed the entire world but today, people know that to live a wonderful life we need wonderful surroundings and that is the reason why we have plenty of travel destinations around the world. Security measures are the first step that every country takes to make tourists comfortable and satisfied as well. This led to the boost of travel companies and destinations in the globe by serving half of the economy of every country. Take an example of Europe, a bundle of destinations that has so much of attractions to offer. Inside this, a fantastic destination is simply welcoming you. The city of Antalya, lies on the Mediterranean coast at the southwest direction of Turkey is the one that will take you back to historical era.

Surrounded by the mountains this city has developed into a vacation destination right from 1970s just to offer its historical backgrounds to the international tourists. The Taurus Mountains offer magnificent views to tourists which is just the beginning of attractions. The city of Antalya was earlier called as Adalia or Attalia and is the capital city of Antalya Province. The historic centre and port of this city lies at the top of a limestone plateau holds brilliant sites.

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Travellers who reach here by cruise and docks at the commercial harbour get mind blowing views of the mountain. Well, the mountains are standing to welcome its guests in the city and bring a spark within them to explore the entire attractions of Antalya. Antalya Bay makes its way towards Mediterranean Sea and reaches to any of its two ports, new commercial port and the Yacht barbour. So cruise is a perfect option for vacation. Rest activities, sightseeing and exploring attractions are always proved the best in this city.

To explore the attractions you have beaches like Konyaaltý, Lara and Karpuzkaldýran. Those who love winter sports should head to the Beydaðlarý and Saklikent which are the best natural beauties of Antalya. With this, mosques, churches, madrasahs, masjids, hans and hamams will always make you feel pleasant. To take a glance at the oldest part of the city you should head towards Kaleiçi. It is a harbor, which the city walls encircle. Once you reach Kaleiçi, you can experience a lot of historic houses including the traditional Turkish and local Greek architecture.

Hadrians GateFew of the Historical Sites in the city center are Kaleici: the historical center of the city, Ancient monuments like the City Walls, Hýdýrlýk Tower, Hadrian’s Gate which is also called as Triple Gate built during 2nd century by Romans and the Clock Tower. Besides these, Kesik Minare, which was a church earlier but later it was turned into a mosque, Yivli Minare, built by Seljuks and was designed with dark blue and turquoise tiles, became a symbol of the city, Karatay Medresesi, Ahi Yusuf Mescidi, and the Iskele, Murat Paþa, Tekeli Mehmet Paþa, Balibey, Musellim, Seyh Sinan Efendi, and Osman Efendi Mosques are few of the other Islamic buildings that is a pride of the city.

Well, history doesn’t end here some museums even today speaks about the ancient times like Antalya Museum, which is a prize winning archaeology museum and the Kaleiçi Museum, which was opened in the year 2007 by Mediterranean Civilizations Research Center. Interesting sites include Karpuzkaldýran, Tünek Hill, Karaalioglu Park and Arapsu Bridge. Still, you will get plenty of sites to visit and could make your vacation a memorable experience. The Konyaalti seafront is a best site to walk around and feel the fresh evening air.

Ottoman housesA visit to the Old Town will be enjoyable as the streets remain packed with people and shops like carpet shops, restaurants and boutique hotels, Ottoman houses and others. So try shopping and buy some gifts for your loved ones. A variety of colourful shops exist where designer leather, antique carpets, spices, Turkish delight, traditional handicrafts and others could be bought. Taste some Turkish food here like meze which is a selection of appetizers salads and dips. Non-vegetarians can enjoy kebab, grilled fish and shellfish here that are simply excellent.

To reach at this wonderful place you need to get updated about the weather pattern of Antalya. So do not plan your vacation during the months of July and August as the temperatures exceeds above 35 degree Celsius. Those who love winter season can enjoy the temperature till 15 degree Celsius with some rainfalls. Since, this city enjoys Mediterranean climate you will experience mild winters and hot dry summers. Transportation facilities are all available like buses, taxis, railways and even airports to serve the city.

Antalya hotelsAccommodation can be done at last minute as well. So you might have understood that Antalya has many hotels to stay. As per your budget you can book a room or if you want to make reservation prior to your arrival is also a good plan. Antalya is a mixture of history and nature where you can see the ancient monuments with greenery all around. The huge tower which is a symbol of the city is shaking its hand with the blue skies. The crystal blue waters makes us feel pleasant and the mountains cover the attractions to make surprise to the visitors. You can see exotic colorful locations at once filled with ancient structures, green trees and blue water.

Antalya has a population of 798,000 and holds a republic government since 1923. The majority of religion could be found here as Muslim, especially Sunni and a minute set of Christian minority. But non-Muslims have always got freedom to worship. Hospitality is the major thing that fulfill by the city and makes it a beautiful tourist destination. When gradually you will come close to the city by cruise you can see amazing sites and nature all around. One single sight will fill your heart with happiness and will make you desperate to explore the city ahead.

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