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Exploring The Breathtaking Curacao Island

The island is part and parcel of ABC islands and came into existence during 1499. Willemstad, the island’s capital city, is a dockyard for many cruise ships and you will enjoy walking around the cosmopolitan region. Reaching their by cruising will give you heavenly feel and the surrounding dark blue and light pink colored structure is the best sight. Designated as World Heritage Site by UNESCO, it is divided into two parts i.e., Otrobanda and the Punda and the Queen Emma Bridge connects both the sides. Be there to take glimpses of the magnificent architecture, attractive museums as well as great shopping. The widely spoken languages include Spanish, English, and Dutch and the currency in use is Antillean Florin of Netherlands as well as U.S Dollars. Don’t go by its size as the big things always come in small packages and the vibrating island has got everything for everybody. Never miss the fun of biking and hiking on its extended spaces. Similarly, you could also enjoy diving with the presence of more than 65 diving spots. The surrounding beaches will leave no stone unturned in providing ultimate relaxation to your mind. Its vigorous capital city is also a welcoming spot that offers great night lives, restaurants as well as shopping centers. The spot of bridges, it places Waterfort arch- built from the stone belonging to 17th century. Similarly, Queen Juliana Bridge, one of the tallest worldwide, is also located here alongwith the must visit attractive Queen Emma Pontoon Bridge that unwraps itself to facilitate the cruise traffic.

Curacao cruise

  • Kura Hulanda Museum: The spot will let you peep into the ancient Curacao as well as traditions.
  • Maritime MuseumMaritime Museum: It will introduce you with the prosperous naval history of the island as well the nearby premises.
  • Jewish Historical Museum: The museum came into existence during 1728 and is placed in two buildings. Here you will be able to take glimpses of ancient silver-made stuff, as well as Jewish artifacts.
  • Art galleries: Here you will be able to take look at the primitive as well as the contemporary art form and the artists will also lend a helping hand to enlighten you about their works.
  • Sea Aquarium: Here you will be able to see the astonishing marine mammals ranging from huge turtles to vast sharks, among all.
  • Herb garden: The garden containing herbal plants is located in Den Paradera, wherein you will find natural solution to cure many diseases.
Lively BeachesSeaquarium Beach
  • Playa Porto Mari: Paradise for divers and snorkelers, the premises contain all the best amenities ranging from restaurant, bar as well as accommodation facilities.
  • Seaquarium Beach: Here you can relax your mind by resting on the sultry sand as well as the shades of surrounding palm trees. The place also locates many restaurants, bars as well as shops.
  • The Cas Abao Beach: The beach places seductive white sand as well as striking palm trees.

Cas Abo beach

Roaming around
  • Walking: You could explore the region on foot and the Queen Emma Bridge will let you walk through both parts of the alluring city.
  • Taxi ride: You could also opt for taxi ride to voyage through both the sides however, discuss the rent even before getting into the taxi.
  • Bus ride: A mass mode of transportation and relatively inexpensive and the bus namely Buki di Bus is available in the premises.
  • Trolley: This transport system will also let you take look at all the major sights.

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