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Celebrity Cruises – An Overview

Celebrity Cruises was established in the year nineteen eighty nine by the Chandris Group. The X logo with the tagline “A true departure” beneath has gone a good way from the humble beginnings. The cruise line has exemplified elegant and classic cruising along with current lifestyles.

Royal Caribbean International acquired Celebrity Cruises in the year nineteen ninety seven, and ships have been sailing under the RCI name, which carries a lot of weight everywhere for its top notch facilities. The ship has numerous facilities, amenities and services that simply exceed expectations.

The spacious state rooms have a huge number of in room amenities. The personalized attention and the impeccable service is also a famous feature. The meticulous and pain staking attention that is devoted in the name of small details is another plus point. The brilliant dining options have also stood out in the past.

Celebrity cruises are famous with discerning cruisers and travelers all over the world. It is seen as a cruise line that is popular with those who are demanding for quality as well as value. There are some excellent itineraries offered by the cruise line. There is no dearth of quality here.

Celebrity Cruises sailed to the Caribbean, Europe, Bermuda, California and Alaska, among others. There are a huge number of additions made to the fleet. It is also the youngest cruise company afloat.

There are cruises setting of from major US ports such as Seattle in Washington, San Francisco and San Diego in California. Galveston, Texas in the west, Norfolk and Baltimore in the east, Philadelphia, New York City, Tampa, Jacksonville and Fort Lauderdale in Florida.

Celebrity Millennium
Celebrity Mercury

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